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Rotherham is a large market and minster town in South Yorkshire, England. The town takes its name from the River Rother which then merges with the River Don. The River Don then flows through the town centre. It is the main settlement of the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham. Rotherham is also the third largest settlement in South Yorkshire after Sheffield and Doncaster, which it is located between.

Traditional industries included glass making and flour milling. Most around the time of the industrial revolution, it was also known as a coal mining town as well as a contributor to the steel industry.

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The town’s historic county is Yorkshire. From 1889 until 1974, the County of York’s ridings became counties in their own right, the West Riding of Yorkshire was the town’s county while South Yorkshire is its current county.

Rotherham had a population of 109,691 in the 2011 census. The borough, governed from the town, had a mid-2019 est. population of 265,411, the 60th most populous district in England.

Rotherham was founded in the very early Middle Ages. Its name is from Old English hām ‘homestead, estate’, meaning ‘homestead on the Rother’. The river name is of Brittonic origin for ‘main river’, ro- ‘over, chief’ and duβr ‘water’. The an other river also came to be called the Rother is in East Sussex. The Anglo-Saxon settlement, with an ecclesiastical parish, was established on a Roman road’s ford over the River Don and the area around it.

The 1086 Domesday Book records a manor previously held by lord Hakon in 1066 and was tenant of the William the Conqueror’s half-brother overlord, Robert de Mortain. The 1086 record was an absentee lord that held the most inhabited manor, Nigel Fossard, today’s town area also includes eight outlying Domesday estates. Eight adult male householders were counted as villagers, three were smallholders and one the priest, three ploughlands were tilled by one lord’s plough team and two and a half men’s plough teams were active. The manor also had a church, roughly four acres of meadow and seven woodland acres. Rotherham had a mill valued at half a pound sterling.

His successors, the De Vesci family, rarely visited the town and did not build a castle however maintaining a Friday market and a fair. In the mid 13th century, John de Vesci and Ralph de Tili gave all their possessions in Rotherham to Rufford Abbey, a period of growing wealth in the church. The monks collected tithes from the town and gained rights to an extra market day on Monday and to extend the annual fair from two to three days.

The townsmen of Rotherham formed the “Greaves of Our Lady’s Light”, an organisation which worked with the town’s three guilds. It was suppressed in 1547 but revived in 1584 as the feoffees of the common lands of Rotherham, and remains in existence.

Job Description

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PERMENANT offer might come AFTER 12 WEEKS!
Warehouse part available incontinently, working for an amazing company that value their workers. This is a temporary to endless position, with the occasion to come endless after only 12 weeks! Within this storehouse part, you’ll be trained up on the ministry that manufacture their products. The company manufacture food packaging, You’ll work throughout the storehouse, doing general duties, working to health and safety norms, lifting and handling raw accoutrements with a little selecting and quilting involved. The shifts are Monday to Friday 2200- 0600, still whilst training you’ll do days and afters rotating. This storehouse is grounded in the S65 area of Rotherham, which is fluently switchable from Clifton, Eastwood and Dalton by bottom.
Hourly rate£11.50 ph

Overtime rate£17.25 ph
Onsite parking available.

Reachable by public transport.
28 vacation days per annum( including statutory bank leaves)

Some machine operating experience desirable

To live within a reachable distance
The desire for a endless position


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