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Packaging Operator

packaging operator, also referred to as a packaging technician, completes the final step of the manufacturing process by packaging finished products for sale or distribution. Packaging operators typically use packaging machines and other equipment to perform their duties and must follow all company rules and regulations, along with industry protocol. As a packaging operator, your duties may include starting up and shutting down machinery, performing routine maintenance of equipment, labeling and inspecting final products, and completing distribution documents. To pursue the career, you typically need a high school education and relevant work experience. Most packaging operators gain this experience through on-the-job training in an entry-level role. Additional qualifications include strong communication skills for understanding technical documentation and processes, attention to detail during quality checks, and manual dexterity for performing mechanical tasks.

About Job Location

Brantford (2021 population: 104,688) is a city in Ontario, Canada, founded on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario. It is surrounded by Brant County, but is politically separate with a municipal government of its own that is fully independent of the county’s municipal government.

Brantford is situated on the Haldimand Tract, traditional territory of the Neutral, Mississauga, and Haudenosaunee peoples. The city is named after Joseph Brant, an important Mohawk leader, soldier, farmer and slave owner. Brant was an important Loyalist leader during the American Revolutionary War and later, after the Haudenosaunee moved to the Brantford area in Upper Canada. Many of his descendants, and other First Nations people, live on the nearby Six Nations of the Grand River reserve south of Brantford; it is the most populous reserve in Canada.

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Brantford is known as the “Telephone City” as the city’s famous resident, Alexander Graham Bell, invented the first telephone at his father’s homestead, Melville House, now the Bell Homestead, located on Tutela Heights south of the city. Brantford is also known as birthplace and hometown of Wayne Gretzky.
The Iroquoian-speaking Attawandaron, known in English as the Neutral Nation, lived in the Grand River valley area before the 17th century; their main village and seat of the chief, Kandoucho, was identified by 19th-century historians as having been located on the Grand River where present-day Brantford developed. This community, like the rest of their settlements, was destroyed when the Iroquois declared war in 1650 over the fur trade and exterminated the Neutral nation.

In 1784, Captain Joseph Brant and the Mohawk people of the Iroquois Confederacy left New York State for Canada. As a reward for their loyalty to the British Crown, they were given a large land grant, referred to as the Haldimand Tract, on the Grand River. The original Mohawk settlement was on the south edge of the present-day city at a location favourable for landing canoes. Brant’s crossing (or fording) of the river gave the original name to the area: Brant’s ford The Glebe Farm Indian Reserve exists at the original site today.

The area began to grow from a small settlement in the 1820s as the Hamilton and London Road was improved. By the 1830s, Brantford became a stop on the Underground Railroad, and a sizable number of runaway African-Americans settled in the town. From the 1830s to the 1860s – several hundred people of African descent settled in the area around Murray Street, and in Cainsville. In Brantford, they established their own school and church, now known as the S.R. Drake Memorial Church. In 1846, it is estimated 2000 residents lived in the city’s core while 5199 lived in the outlying rural areas. There were 8 churches in Brantford at this time – Episcopal, Presbyterian, Catholic, two Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, and one for the African-Canadian residents.

By 1847, Europeans began to settle further up the river at a ford in the Grand River and named their village Brantford. The population increased after 1848 when river navigation to Brantford was opened and again in 1854 with the arrival of the railway to Brantford.

Because of the ease of navigation from new roads and the Grand River, several manufacturing companies could be found in the town by 1869. Some of these factories included Brantford Engine Works, Victoria Foundry and Britannia Foundry. Several major farm implement manufacturers, starting with Cockshutt and Harris, opened for business in the 1870s.

The history of the Brantford region from 1793 to 1920 is described at length in the book At The Forks of The Grand.

Full Job Description

Joining the team at SC Johnson Professional® makes you part of a family company with a deep history in the professional market as a leading manufacturer of skin care, cleaning and hygiene products and smart technologies. We’re a team of more than 1,000 employees across five continents providing solutions to healthcare, industrial and institutional markets across the world.

SC Johnson Professional®

is a business unit within SC Johnson, a family-owned and led company and leading manufacturer of quality, trusted products since 1886.

Position Purpose

To carry out the process of production & packaging in order to meet daily product demand requirements.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Required

  • Motor and mechanical skills to operate tape gun, hand tools and cart for boxes.
  • Manual dexterity to do sleeving, hand-filling, dating and labelling, etc.
  • Manual quickness to ensure feeding of bottles, inserts and pumps on automated filling line.
  • Assembly line experience acquired through previous factory work an asset.
  • Knowledge of equipment listed under motor skills.
  • Basic knowledge of SC Johnson Professional products and product codes. (Gained through experience.)
  • Basic mathematical skills i.e. counting, addition, subtraction, required to keep inventory.
  • Basic English skill, reading, writing.
  • Versatility required for job rotation.
  • Listening and verbal communication skills to accurately take direction. Teaching skills to explain to next worker what duties are required in that particular position.
  • High school diploma.

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Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Place bottles on automatic filler, ensuring proper bottles, inserts and pumps are being used for the product being filled.
  • Put correct bottles, inserts and pumps, ensuring all are in acceptable condition, notifying Supervisor if otherwise
  • Put sleeves/labels on bottles/cartridges, ensuring all are in acceptable condition, notifying Supervisor if otherwise.
  • Assemble and tape boxes, ensuring all are in acceptable condition, notifying Supervisor if otherwise.
  • Lifting boxes of product onto skids (maximum weight 15 Kg).
  • Affix correct labels and manually date stamp boxes as required according to contents of box
  • Visually check product by colour and appearance and reports any irregularities to Quality Control or Supervisor.
  • During filling operation, must be careful to avoid spillage onto outside of container. Unavoidable spills must be wiped away before product is forwarded to the warehouse.
  • Visually check seals on cartridges as product is coming off filling machine and lifts cartridges and packs them in the appropriate box.
  • Stack filled boxes on skids in such a position as to give maximum stability during transport by forklift through plant.
  • Securely screw correct caps or lids on products as required.
  • Carry empty cartridges and empty boxes to work area.
  • Remove garbage and break up empty boxes in order to keep work area tidy, so as not to detrimentally affect the condition and appearance of finished products and to comply with standards required under the scope of obligations under the Health and Safety Act.
  • Must become familiar with the rules and safety programs applicable, follow prescribed health and safety policies and procedures and participate in the process of identifying, reporting and assisting in eliminating risks to health and safety in the workplace.
  • Follow all policies and procedures as applicable for the job.
  • Available for all shifts.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SC Johnson & Son Inc., SC Johnson Professional, and SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands is committed to accessibility in its workplace and recruitment processes for persons with disabilities. If you require accommodation in order to participate in this recruitment process, please contact Human Resources.


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